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FireTray is a Mozilla addon that targets Firefox, Thunderbird and Seamonkey. It provides a system tray icon with much window handling functionality. For mail applications, the icon can show the number of unread or new messages. FireTray is very customizable and works on Linux and Windows.


  • for all applications:

    • show/hide a single or all windows
    • restore windows to their previous state, position, size
    • restore each window to its original virtual desktop/workspace
    • activate restored windows
    • hide to tray on close
    • hide to tray on minimize
    • start minimized to tray
    • show icon only when hidden to tray
    • mouse scroll on tray icon shows/hides
    • customizable tray icons (GTK-themable on Linux)
    • StatusNotifierItem support (can be disabled by with_appindicator hidden pref)
    • popup menu (show/hide individual windows, open new windows, quit)
    • adds -firetrayShowHide and -firetrayPresent options (useful for window manager's keyboard shortcuts)
    • middle click on the tray icon activates last registered window
  • for mail applications:

    • display unread message count in tray icon
    • display biff in tray icon for new messages
    • draw attention on new messages
    • include/exclude mail accounts to/from messages count
    • include/exclude folders types to/from messages count
    • count in sub-folders recursively
    • handle Exquilla accounts
    • restrict message count to favorite folders
    • trigger external program on message count change
  • for applications embedding chat (currently only Thunderbird and Seamonkey under Linux)

    • display additional system tray status icon
    • status icon can blink or fade
    • draw attention on new messages

Release Notes

v0.6.0 — 2015-10-30

The now unused mailing list initialy intended for Beta-testers was destroyed.

This version contains known bugs (especially for Ubuntu and KDE) that could not be resolved and will be tackled progressively.

  • Add GTK3 support. (#182)
  • Fix crash when some preferences are not defined. (#185)
  • Warn when libappindicator should be installed.
  • Minor preferences UI work.
  • Locale updates bg, de, zh-TW thanks to volunteers (Lyubomir Vasilev, Tobias Bannert, Velociraptor).

v0.5.6 — 2014-05-10

  • Fix GtkIcons import. (#175)

v0.5.5 — 2014-05-06

  • Better desktop detection: libappindicator enabled for Unity and KDE5+.
  • Add nomail_hides_icon preference. (#137, #150, #159)
  • Enable hides_last_only in winnt.
  • Add FreeBSD support (thank Scott Furry). (#166)
  • New locales: bg (thx lyubomirv!), zh-CN (thx YFdyh000!).
  • Multiple locale fixes (thx Underpass, gogo)
  • Fix extraction of window title.
  • Fix right click on linux (falsely bound to show/hide).

v0.5.4 — 2014-02-14

  • Add AppIndicator/SystemNotifierItem support (Ubuntu, KDE) (#130)
  • Add with_appindicator hidden preference for avoiding using AppIndicator even if available.
  • Fix check marks invisible in option 'Included accounts' (#139)
  • Minor fixes

v0.5.3 — 2014-12-23

  • Fix start hidden when startup minimized or maximized on winnt (#134)
  • Fix broken click on popup-menu items (regression in v0.5.2)
  • New uk-UA locale (thx Володимир Савчук Volodymyr Savchuk)

v0.5.2 — 2014-11-01

This version addresses issues spotted by AMO review (thx Kris Maglione!), mainly:

  • Fix Error: expected type int, got (void 0) console messages.

It was superseeded by v0.5.3 while pending in the review queue, and thus not fully reviewed by AMO.

v0.5.1 — 2014-10-01

This version did not pass AMO review.

  • New support for the Windows platform (very few functionalities missing compared to Linux, most noticeably scrolling on icon)
  • Fix use of embedded icons (#119)
  • Fix empty space if remove icon (#124)
  • New pl-PL locale (thx AreYouLoco!)
  • New croatian/hr-HR locale (thx gogo!)
  • New Russian locale (thx VitalD)
  • New de-DE locale (thx Florian Haftmann)

v0.5.0 was not published as it contained minor textual errors.

v0.4.8 — 2013-11-12

  • hotfix for Firefox (bogus import) (#110)
  • hotfix for Seamonkey (accounts scrambling) (#106)
  • new preference for X11 urgency hint in mail applications (#111)

New user mailing list mostly intended for Beta-testers.

v0.4.7 — 2013-10-30

  • new fade option for icon blinking
  • set X11 urgency hint on new messages (IM and mail messages) (#96)
  • new locales es-AR fr it nl zh-TW (thx BabelZillians!)
  • add preferences to icon menu
  • fix startup event for Thunderbird (thus fixing start_hidden) (#95)
  • fix detection of the iconify event
  • fix detection of account addition/deletion

v0.4.6 — 2013-06-28

  • fix negative message count bug (#70, #71, #79)
  • fix preferences' filepickers (#82)
  • fix start_hidden again, and make it more accurate (#84)
  • display popup menu window items for all applications (not only browsers)
  • rework handling of attention calls (blinking icon) for chat conversations:
    • blink on new messages for twitter accounts
    • implement own blinking (gtk_status_icon_set_blinking() deprecated)
    • support X11 urgency hint
  • add support for Zotero (#85)
  • add locale sk-SK (thx Slavko
  • minor fixes (e.g. keep long living references to timers)

v0.4.5 — 2013-01-25

Minor fixes. Mainly addressing Mozilla review comments

v0.4.4 — 2012-12-11

This version did not pass Mozilla full review

Minor fixes.

v0.4.3 — 2012-09-25

The -showHide command line option has been renamed to -firetrayShowHide. This option is useful for making a keyboard shortcut to show/hide your favorite Mozilla application.

  • Chat icon (Thunderbird-only) (#51)
  • handle Exquilla accounts (#55)
  • better preference interface (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P keyboard shortcut)
  • option to restrict count to favorite folders (#21, #45)
  • option to launch program on message count change (#33, #37)
  • option to hide only last window (#33, #24)
  • internal reworks (+ nsIBaseWindow.nativeHandle + better logging with log4moz)
  • fix start_hidden (#39)
  • fix auto-iconify-after-show (#54)
  • fix recursive folder count (#44)
  • fix icon update when changing icon preferences
  • fix item menu titles for Seamonkey
  • fix middle-click (activate) to show window when hidden

v0.4.2 — 2012-05-25

Note that some feature do not work well under Unity/Compiz.

  • GTK-themed icons
  • add -showHide option (intended for keyboard shortcuts)
  • middle click on the tray icon activates last registered window
  • ability to exclude virtual folders from message count
  • better minimize event catching
  • moz app shown when launched from the command line
  • icedove/iceweasel/iceape support back
  • various small fixes

v0.4.1 — 2012-03-16

After a long wait, the js-ctypes re-write of FireTray is released !

  • internal cleaning (avoid polluting global namespace, browser.tabs.warnOnClose set session-wide)
  • change defaults for hides_single_window (true), remember_desktop (false)
  • bug fixes

v0.4.0 — 2012-03-05

This version was sumitted to AMO, but didn't pass full review.

  • fix start_hidden
  • fix new message count update

v0.4.0b3 — 2012-02-09

  • option for activating restored windows. This ensures windows are restored on top, and get the focus
  • fix restoring maximized windows on dual-screens
  • option for checking new messages instead of unread ones

v0.4.0b2 — 2012-01-30

  • fix preference window

v0.4.0b1 — 2012-01-28

Begining with this version, v0.3.* related options are erased from your preferences.

  • ability to show hide single windows
  • can open window/message from icon popup menu
  • minimize can hide to tray
  • scroll on icon can hide to tray
  • restore windows to their original virtual desktop
  • many bug fixes
  • clean lib closing